RoXonix VR-202 Reverb Tank, Dual Channel Classic Analogue Spring Reverberation Unit






The RoXonix VR-202 Reverb Tank by RoXdon, is a dual channel classic analogue spring reverberation unit designed for use with a studio sound mixer or line level source. The analogue circuit used in the VR-202 is similar to a classic vintage 1970's design with characteristics heard on countless recordings over the years. The RoXonix VR-202 uses high quality components throughout and is completely hand assembled in London, England.

The VR-202 signal path uses only discrete components like transistors, resistors and capacitors, with no integrated circuits. The subjective sound quality delivered by these classic vintage designs is often preferred over the sound of modern digital units and software created reverb delays.

The heart of the VR-202 is the MOD 3-spring vintage replica reverb tank. The spring transducers are wired direct to the audio circuit board using screened cable. This makes the 'tank' less receptive to interference. Also close attention has been paid to the spacing and size of the lamination of the transducers resulting in a more vintage like tone.

The double sided audio printed circuit board is hand soldered and features WIMA capacitors, carbon resistors and low noise transistors. The VR-202 front panel features a smooth ALPS rotary control potentiometer for variation of intensity of Reverb and LORLIN silver contact Power and Ground Lift switches for long life operation. The ground lift switch can be utilized to isolate the electronic circuit ground from the chassis earth to prevent earth ground loops when the case is in contact with mains earthed equipment. The rear panel features NEUTRIK Input and Output 6.35mm unbalanced jack sockets with TRS sockets included for single external cable connections. All connections to the Audio board are via soldered terminal posts, the way it used to be. The supplied external 24volt DC regulated linear power adapter provides clean power to the VR-202 ensuring transformer magnetic fields are not present inside the chassis which can induce noise onto the sensitive spring line. The power is 'cleaned' further by the inclusion of a ripple filter on the audio circuit board. The unit front panel also includes a convenient input signal, illuminated VU meter which provides a visual guide to the level of input.


When using the RoXonix VR-202 as a stereo reverb unit a left and right summed mono line level signal is fed to the side-chain drive amp circuit which drives the reverb spring. The delayed signals are then mixed with the left and right clean input signals equally. This circuit design emulates a 'real life' reverberation where the reflected sound waves come from all directions.

For this configuration, LINE IN L and LINE IN R together with LINE OUT L and LINE OUT R can be used using mono jack cables. TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) jack cables can also be plugged into the TRS IN/OUT left and right sockets if connecting to Master inserts on a sound mixer.

When a mono reverb delayed signal only is required, this can be accessed via the DELAY TRS IN/OUT. Alternatively, mono jack cables can be used by using LINE IN L together with LINE OUT R.

For connection to separate Send and Return sockets on a mixer, connect mono jack leads to:
LINE IN L to SEND and LINE OUT L to RETURN (clean + delayed signals) or
LINE IN L to SEND and LINE OUT R to RETURN (delay signal only)


Maximum Input Level: 3v @ 1kHz
Output Voltage: 330mV @ 1kHz (200mV input)
Frequency Response: 20Hz-35kHz +/-2dB
Harmonic Distortion: <0.2% @ 1kHz (330mV output)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 65dB (330mV output)
Reverberation Time: 1.75-3.0 sec. @ 1kHz
Input Impedance: 300kHz @ 1kHz
Line Output Impedance: 10kohms @ 1kHz
Power Supply: 24V DC 450mA Regulated
Fuse: 1.5A (20mm) Fast Blow.
Compliance: CE / RoHS.
Chassis Size: 320mm (Width) x 250mm (Depth) x 70mm (Height)
Weight: 2.95Kg.