RoXdon RPS-100 Metal Pop Filter

photo copyright Runway Pro Audio

photo copyright Runway Pro audio


RoXdon RPS-100 Metal Pop Filter


The RoXdon RPS-100 and RPS-200 are the UK's biggest selling metal Pop Filter and are a standard requirement in many of the worlds top recording studios. They are constructed with an acoustically transparent 5 1/4 inch diameter metal screen that yields sonically superb results in studio applications. High-frequency details pass through to be captured in full while blocking the invasive blasts.

The flexible yet sturdy 9mm goose-neck and clamp assemblies allows the RoXdon Pop Filter to be easily attached to any microphone stand or boom arm for precise positioning.

*  Extremely effective at eliminating voice pop air blasts

*  Easily cleans with soap and water to sterilize

*  Sturdy ALL METAL Construction

The RoXdon Pop Filters are intended for long term professional studio use and we provide a 5 YEAR WARRANTY to the original purchaser against any manufacturing defects.