RoXdon AR 1 Active Ribbon Microphone

picture copyright Runway Pro Audio

picture copyright Runway Pro Audio


RoXdon AR 1 Active Ribbon Microphone


The RoXdon AR 1 microphone represents our commitment to provide a world class handmade active ribbon microphone.

Utilizing the finest grade components, including solid brass body and grille.  Ideal for vocal recording, piano, guitar cab micing, stage and recording studio use; the sonic quality, natural tone, excellent audio dynamic range and low self noise has been achieved by using the best components available together with dedicated design principles. 

The combination of a custom designed handmade ribbon motor and superior active electronics has produce a ribbon microphone of outstanding smooth sonic response with the ability to interface with any electronic preamp.

The RoXdon AR 1 features a double sided 0.02mm pure aluminum foil. It can handle a SPL of 135dB and incorporates a low cut switch together with a 10dB pad switch conveniently located on the microphone body.

Finished in satin black with highly polished nickel grille and base, the RoXdon AR 1 exudes class.

The RoXdon AR 1 comes supplied in a practical black aluminium case which houses the AR 1 microphone in its own luxury padded / plushed lined wooden microphone box. Other accessories include a combined shock mount / dual fabric pop filter; basic stand mount, and microphone polishing cloth. 

The RoXdon AR 1 requires 48v phantom power.



* Element: 0.02 aluminium ribbon foil
* Polar Pattern:  Bi-directional
* Frequency Response:  20Hz-20kHz
* Sensitivity:  -33dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz) 
* Output Impedance:  200 ohms
* Load Impedance: 1K ohms
* Self Noise:  14dB ( A-weighted)
* Max Input SPL:  135dB (at 1kHz<=1% T.H.D)
* S/N Ratio:  78dB
* Power Requirements:  48 Volt Phantom Power
* Output: 3-pin XLR
* Dimensions:  Diameter 46mm, length 205mm
* Net Weight:  500g



* Aluminium Carry Case
* Wooden Mic Box
* Adjustable Stand Mount
* Combined Shock Mount / Dual Fabric Pop Filter
* Microphone Polishing Cloth