iSK HD9999 Professional studio monitoring headphones

iSK HD9999 Professional studio monitoring headphones


Operating Principle: Fully Closed Cavity
Transducer Type: Dynamic
Transducer Diameter: 50mm
Impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 96 ±3dB
Frequency Response: 8Hz - 30kHz
Maximum Power: 1500mW
Cable: 3m approx
Connector: 3.5mm stereo jack
Adapter: 3.5mm stereo socket to 1/4" stereo jack

The iSK HD-9999 Headphones are in a class of their own, comparable with similar headphones of a far higher price point.

The iSK HD-9999 headphones have a full and very detailed sound from the lowest bass notes to crystal clear high's. They do not boost any frequency range, or impart their own character, but rather produce an accurate sound, true to the source.

The bass response is very linear with incredible clarity and superb low frequency extension.

With a closed back design, and earpads that offer a good seal while still being comfortable, excellent isolation is achieved. They are an excellent choice for studio mixing or tracking.

They come with 2 pairs of interchangeable ear muffs, a straight cable and a coiled cable. Both cables have a 1/8 plug with a 1/4" adapter for most studio applications. All these accessories plus the headphones can be stored conveniently in the case provided.

Hear your mixes the way they really sound, and bring your music to life by listening to it the way the mastering engineer intended it to be heard, with the iSK HD-9999 headphones.