Golden Age Premier GA-8000 High End Tube Microphone




Golden Age Premier GA-8000 High End Tube Microphone

The GA-8000 microphone is a tube microphone equipped with a semiconductor active cooling system that results in a higher signal-to-noise ratio compared to most other tube microphones. It has a very high-quality performance and modern sound character.
The GA-8000 uses a ROGERS ceramic circuit board that has superior insulation parameters and offers a more stable performance. The coupling and bypass capacitors are of a very high quality, resulting in a deep and exact low frequency performance and a delicate and transparent high frequency reproduction.

A semiconductor active cooling together with an external cooling heatsink is used in the GA-8000 to ensure that the GA-8000 has the highest possible signal-to-noise ratio. The tube (a 6AU6) is mounted in an aluminium casing, with the semiconductor cooling chip being attached to the bottom of the case.
The temperature of the tube in the GA-8000 is effectively kept down when the GA-800G is in it's working state, with the heat generated by the tube actively dissipated. The heat that the tube generates is transferred to the reverse side of the semiconductor cooling chip and onto the outer aluminum alloy heat sink at the rear of the microphone which then dissipates the heat to the surrounding air.

PCB board
A ROGERS ceramic gold-plated circuit board is used. This type of circuit board is usually used in high-end aerospace communication products.

A manufacturer with more than twenty years of microphone capsule production experience are producing a capsule that has a modern sound character and can handle a high sound pressure level.

In order to ensure the tube will have a long life, we are using a NOS CIFTE 6AU6 tube from France. The tube has a maximum anode voltage rating of about 300V. The tube in the GA-8000 circuit has an anode voltage of 90V and will generate more heat than tubes used in many other tube microphones that typically uses voltages between 35-50V.
The higher voltage used in the GA-8000 increases the heat produced so the semiconductor active heat dissipation system is an important element in the design.

Power supply
The GA-8000 uses a modern power supply with solid state rectifiers for the high voltage rail.
After a lot of listening tests comparing a tube rectifying circuit with a solid state one, we found that we did prefer the sound of the latter so this is what we decided to use. The additional advantage is that there is no need to worry about replacing tubes in the power supply.