FMR Audio RNLA500 Really Nice Levelling Amp (500 series)

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 FMR Audio RNLA500 Really Nice Levelling Amp (500 series)


With the RNLA you can add some compression-induced character (and control) to your tracks. It's also comfortably responsive to its controls, just like our 1/3 rack version. A processing modules that fit into just about any recording situation, from pro studios to bedroom venues. With fully, electronically balanced I/O to higher resolution arithmetic, the net result is a professional audio compressor that's both responsive, small and rugged.

Like all of our dynamic audio processing products, we've replaced sidechain electronics with chunks of software to accomplish both a bill of materials cost reduction while simultaneously improving dynamic performance accuracy and consistency. The beauty of this approach is that the main signal path (all dynamic audio processors have two paths: a sidechain / control path and the main audio path) remains firmly in the analog domain thereby avoiding latency and digital conversion artifacts that are sometimes unwanted. Coupled with a faster (40x) processor and higher resolution VCA control, sealed switches & relays, multi-layer printed circuit board (PCB) the RNLA500 will deliver smooth and controllable compression for years to come.

Main Features

* Single channel, 500 series version of the RNLA.

* Balanced input & output

* Linkable for stereo operation

* Maximum input / output levels of +28dBu.

* Overcurrent protection circuits safeguard 500-series rack operation in case of power supply faults.

* Linear & Logarithmic Release modes

* Accurate signal level metering via power-saving "dot" gain-reduction display.

* Sealed, C&K subminiature toggle switches.

* Red anodized, machined aluminum knobs.

* Controls calibrated in the coveted Tufnel scale for maximum something.